Compania de Plasticos S.A.

Cipsa was licensed to make their own slightly different versions of Mego's Planet of the Apes called El Planeta de los Simios. None of the apes had pants. They all came with the hieroglyphics boots that only one version of Mego's Dr. Zaius wore.The boots were also a glossy plastic, compared to the dull plastic used for the Mego versions. Also, the clothes are of different colors and have plain unstamped "leather". Alan Virdon was renamed "Bill". The boxed versions came in huge boxes (ala Gabriel Lone Ranger size!). The plastics used on the battering ram, etc. were a slightly different color as well. Also note the horse and wagon set which is very unusual.

The bodies were almost identical to the Mego bodies. They "scrubbed" out the Mego copyright info before making the bodies so they have a rough area on the backs where the Mego copyright info is located on Mego bodies. Later bodies had the CIPSA stamp on top of the rough area, but those are pretty rare. Their heads were, for the most part, identical to the Mego figures.

CIPSA vs. Mego

All of the CIPSA Ape figures came with the Dr. Zaius hieroglyphics boots with one major difference. The plastic had a glossy finish, compared to the dull finish found on the Mego version of the boots

The CIPSA Ape figures have no pants! I guess CIPSA figured that no self respecting ape would be seen in a pair of pants. It probably came in handy when they had to use the restroom also. Less time spent in the restroom meant more time to chase those dirty stinking humans!

General Urko came with a vivid orange cuffed tunic. Soldier Ursus had a black leather tunic and the sleeves for it have been known to come in both reddish brown and green. Cornelius has a tunic in a rich shade of green. Zaius has a white tunic with brown "leather' trim and front. Bill has white pants and a "burlap" vest.